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Rocking Chair Relaxation CD for Mom & Baby

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Relaxing CD soothes mom and baby



*Relaxes your mind and emotions during pregnancy
*Calms and soothes your unborn child
*Stimulates cognitive and neurological development in your baby
*Play during labor as a relaxing aid
*As a familiar sound to impart a sense of belonging in your newborn
*Play while nursing to soothe you and your baby
*Encourages a deep appreciation for music in your child

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How can music therapy help you and your baby?

Music can play an important part in all stages of pregnancy, as well as for your newborn baby.

Initially, music therapy can help to relax you during the early stages of pregnancy. When relaxed, the chemical messengers released by your brain will calm your unborn baby and impart a sense of well-being. Remember that the happiness of the mother directly affects the baby's emotions, as both share many hormones during pregnancy!

By week 25 of your pregnancy, your baby has a well developed sense of hearing and can begin to recognize sound. Music has been shown to assist in neurological and cognitive development, and early exposure to certain kinds of music may even help with the development of mathematical ability.

Furthermore, there is evidence that music played to the womb during late pregnancy may lead to children being more responsive to music after birth. Soothing music may help newborns be more relaxed and less agitated. Pre-term newborns exposed to music may have increased feeding rates, reduced days to discharge, increased weight gain, and increased tolerance of stimulation. They may also have reduced heart rates and a deeper sleep after therapy. (Chang, S. C. and Chen, C. H. "The application of music therapy in maternity nursing". Hu Li Za Zhi. 2004;51(5):61-66.)( Hicks, F. "The role of music therapy in the care of the newborn." Nurs.Times 9-20-1995;91(38):31-33.)( Kemper, K., Martin, K., Block, S. M., Shoaf, R., and Woods, C. "Attitudes and expectations about music therapy for premature infants among staff in a neonatal intensive care unit." Altern.Ther.Health Med. 2004;10(2):50-54.)( Olson, S. L. "Bedside musical care: applications in pregnancy, childbirth, and neonatal care." J.Obstet.Gynecol.Neonatal Nurs. 1998;27(5):569-575.)

If you expose your baby to music in the womb, once your baby is born, the familiar sounds will help instill a sense of security and relaxation and will help to calm a restless baby. Music can also help with the process of childbirth by relieving anxiety and stimulating the release of endorphins to combat pain.

What is Rocking Chair CD?

This especially composed CD was commissioned by our Clinical Psychologist, Michele Carelse, and contains purely instrumental music. At the time of recording, the musician was about to become a first time father, and so this CD is very special for him as well!

The music on the CD has been composed with the right combination of new sounds and repetitive melodies that will stimulate your baby's development while at the same time being completely relaxing and soothing to the soul.

How has Rocking Chair CD helped others?

“As with most expectant moms I wanted to do everything just right to give my child the best possible start in life. I have a tendency to stress about little things and after hearing that my 'stress hormones' can be directly transmitted to the calm, little being in my abdomen, I decided to be proactive about being as relaxed as possible through my pregnancy! With the help of your wonderful Rocking Chair CD as well as MindStill Essence, I felt calm, relaxed and happy for my whole pregnancy!”


“My husband really likes his hard rock music and this is usually the 'soundtrack' in our home. After learning that a baby can hear from the 5th month of pregnancy, I decided that this was perhaps not the ideal music for him/her to be listening to, especially as it even makes me feel edgy sometimes! I found your Rocking Chair CD while browsing your site and ordered it immediately. This CD has made such a difference to the mood in our house- it is now a soothing and tranquil place that I am sure my child knows as home already. Thanks for your great products especially for pregnant women!”

- Sam, Pa

“I was holding a workshop for 12 mothers and their babies. As sometimes happens, some of the babies were a little overexcited and moms feeling stressed. I put on the Rocking Chair CD during cuddle & massage time and 10 out of the 12 babies went to sleep to the music. And the moms were very relaxed (almost napping!) while enjoying their tea break."

- Moms and Babes Workshop Leader - Durbanville.

How do I use the Rocking Chair CD

Lie or sit comfortably in a quiet, peaceful place. It is best to listen with headphones to reduce outside interferences and promote deeper, undisturbed relaxation. When you want your baby to benefit from the music as well (from about week 25 of pregnancy), play the CD without earphones so that your baby can hear it also. Once your baby is born, play the CD during breastfeeding and bedtimes. The familiar sounds will soothe and promote sleep.

For all ages: The CD lasts approximately one hour and should be listened to from start to finish for maximum therapeutic effect.

Special instructions: Because body temperature drops slightly during deep relaxation, wear loose-fitting clothes that are warm and comfortable. The volume does not need to be loud for your baby to hear it. Play the CD at a volume you enjoy- the fluid in the womb is an excellent conductor of sound waves.

Caution: Do not listen to this CD while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Rocking Chair CD is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies for maximum support.

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*PureMother Flower Essence™ is used to support natural mothering instincts, mood and reduce baby blues
*Nature’s Milk Drops™ is used to maintain healthy lactation and breast milk production for trouble-free breastfeeding
*WelcomeBaby Flower Essence™ is used to ease baby's recovery from birth and adjustment to life outside the womb
*MindStill Flower Essence ™ is used to still your mind and find your spiritual center.
*MellowMama Aromatic Bath Oil™ is used to tone and soften skin to discourage stretch marks and encourage relaxation
*Infant Massage Oil™ is used to calm and soothe your newborn through the healing touch of massage
*Blissful Baby Aromatic Massage Oil™ is used to relax and soothe babies over 12 weeks and support nervous system health and wellness

How long until I see results?

The soothing sounds and gentle melodies will help to support serenity and harmony during the first few minutes. This feeling of calmness is further promoted throughout the relaxation session. The techniques used on the CD ensure that the state of calm and serenity continue throughout the next few days.

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