Reduce, or reduction rather. Do I really need as much "stuff" as I think I need laying around the house? As I have been decluttering my house I have had no choice but to think about how little our family actually needs to live healthy and happy lives.

Oh, there is that maroon flimsy decorative throw that doesn't begin to match our decor and is not at all comfy or cozy, the one too many end tables that clutter the floor space throughout the dining, living and bedrooms or the ten too many coffee mugs that clutter the top shelf in my cabinets. I could go on, but should I? I'm sure you get my point. Where did these items come from? Who bought them? How much money was spent on these items? What about the not so precious waste vapors that were unfiltered into the fresh, or not so fresh air during the making? Now these are only a few of the many questions I could ask myself about my extra "things" I have laying around.


Not sure if I should even bring attention to a very small, teeny, tiny contributing factor to my clutter...trash picking. I like to call it search and rescue. In my defense, at least those frames and windows and tables and chairs were saved from the landfill, while saving me loads of cash on decorating my house. The real truth is, I have a fetish with making over junk. Yes, there was a problem when my projects began to back up. Lets just put it this way, everyone was a lot happier when I was able to let go of a few of my undertakings that were patiently waiting in line. Everyone was happier.

What are a couple ways to declutter, while reducing and reusing?

Fly Lady and my family have become good friends. More "things" equals more work. While decluttering with Fly Lady just think about how much less time you'll spend dusting, picking up, organizing and reorganizing those items you are giving up. Just think of what you'll do with the extra time you'll have on your hands. More time to relax, read a book, blog, enjoy family time, delight in a nap or take some time to craft. Fly Lady is so smart, she encourages environmentally friendly options for decluttering.

Holiday's and Birthday's are a great time to be more conscious of our habit to collect "things" for money. Just look at all of those gifts under the tree or sitting on the table next to the Birthday cake, so perfectly wrapped looking so pretty. Now take a moment to look at your receipts. How many precious hours of work were given away in order to create that perfect holiday atmosphere? Maybe we could focus less on "things" and more on people this Holiday season.?. Just think of the unique memories we could create by choosing to make gifts for Christmas this year. One year, the kids and I decided it would be fun to make all Birthday gifts. We had so much fun! Just think, less beautiful gifts under the tree could equal more time with family, more money to save and possibly more sanity.

When decorating or furnishing your home think about reusing items around the house in a freshde way! Today, I had this plant that was in a super cute and colorful pot, but just wasn't working with my color scheme. Of course the plant easily had a new home, because I had a sleek black pot on hand that was just the right size. I already have a few ideas for that colorful pot, maybe the base for a new plant arrangement to share with a friend, or it would fit perfectly in my kid's room to hold colorful jewelry and trinkets. Wherever that pot goes, it will be fun finding it a new home. Maybe you have an end table that doesn't happily fit the puzzle after rearranging your living room, but your bedside is so lonely with no flat surface to place a nice read and a cup of your favorite brew. Or, maybe you have a friend or family member who desperately needs an end table and you can save the day!

Whatever you "do" have some fun! I know I will!

I think its safe to say that The Environmental Protection Agency was onto something when they created the slogan "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

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