Before and After Photos

My before photos were taken at the end of day two, so I had lost some water weight and some junk from my intestines from the enema that I had the morning of day two. My after photos were taken at the end of my 20th day with some OJ and 3 fresh oranges in my tummy. I am thinking the oranges probably enhanced the photos! :)

Front View Before/After Photos


Side View Before/After Photos

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Rosanna 02/04/10 08:44:11 PM

I just wanted to say that I had been following your fast and vlogs and have great respect and admiration for what you have done. Be proud of yourself because 20 day water fast is awesome. I hope you feel good- cause you look incredible! BTW- how tall are you?
Best wishes in your future endeavors/fasts. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ritha 11/24/17 07:11:21 PM

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