Well, we certainly won't be the first family to go raw! With all the benefits of living a raw food lifestyle its surprising that more families aren't jumping on the wagon. Some people may think this transition toward raw foods may seem a tad extreme, on the other hand, after living a raw food lifestyle for the past month I would say the opposite! Raw living is simplicity at its best!

What does it mean when I say we are going raw? A raw foodist is a person who eats 75-100% whole food (fresh organic fruits, vegetables, sprouts, soaked nuts, seeds and grains, sea vegetables and other natural foods which are unprocessed) that has not been heated to a temperature greater than 104 degrees. Therefore, they are consuming heaps of vitamins, minerals and enzymes (which aid in digestion and absorption) in the food they eat.

Our body loves food that is alive! When we eat food that has been cooked and is dead or toxic, our body has to work unnecessarily hard to digest the food. This may be why we feel tired and even exhausted after eating a cooked overly processed meal. The nutrients and enzymes needed to digest dead food is stolen from our body. This process is a massive waste of energy! This energy could be used to heal and repair our body systems, increase alertness, efficiency and productivity, as well as lengthen our lifespan and enhance our quality of life! I most definitely enjoy the new found energy and clarity I am experiencing without taking any supplements!

Why go RAW? Lets investigate together!

  • Raw foods are more easily and quickly digested- 24-36 hours vs. 40-100 hours for their cooked counter part.
  • Athlete or not, a raw food diet gives you more strength, energy and stamina.
  • Eating raw foods leaves the mind more clear, alert, sharper and also allows greater concentration and memory power.
  • After eating a raw food meal no fatigue is experienced. In fact, a raw food diet ensures more restful sleep and less total sleep is required.
  • Body odor and halitosis will be eliminated on a raw food diet.
  • Many symptoms, diseases and disorders vanish from weeks to months after converting to a raw food lifestyle.
  • Acne and other skin problems disappear eating raw foods, and many claim that scars from acne can heal as well.
  • Many people experience weight loss eating a raw food diet.
  • Raw foodist claim they never get sick since switching to raw food.
  • Eating a raw food diet aids in cleansing the bloodstream and helps to eliminate waste from the body.
  • A raw food lifestyle is healthy for the environment. 100% of raw food is biodegradable!
  • Raw food encourages an extremely happy and clean mental attitude.
  • And the list goes on...

The truth is that we have been slowly preparing for this transition for years! I am so blessed to have a family that appreciates every step we take toward living a healthier lifestyle. And now, this raw food adventure is already more than amazing! We are having tons of fun getting creative with recipes and preparing healthy food together! I can speak for my family when I say we are absolutely thrilled to share this adventure with you! Our hope is that we may have even the slightest influence on people and other families who desire a healthier lifestyle! Together we can create a healthier world!

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