Here is a video showing a 4 year old hamburger and french fries. Three word for ya'll, partially hydrogenated oil! Our family made the choice to stop buying food made with partially hydrogenated oil about 7 years ago. When I found out it was one molecule away from plastic it was quite easy to make this decision. Also, we began to use only real butter and coconut oil, as well as natural peanut butter and raw almond butter instead of their partially hydrogenated counterparts. This decision was one of the best for our family, as it reduced the amount of refined flours and high fructose corn syrup we ingested as well. Yes, this means lots of label reading in the beginning, but aren't we worth it???

This hamburger and fries are the perfect example of food that has been preserved with plastic, I mean partially hydrogenated oil :) Check out the link below for a more detailed article on the slow killing effect this invader has on our body.

One choice at a time can bring us all closer to the simple health we desire! steps if you please.

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