This is just a guide.  If you are off on timing, go ahead and start your seeds anyway!  Even a couple weeks sooner will give you a jumpstart on your garden!  I just started all of the above vegetables this weekend in the midwest!  Here is a video on how to make a newspaper seed starting pot!  Please feel free to friend me and subscribe to Breathetree on YouTube. Also find Breathetree on Facebook and Twitter!  Subscribe to the Breathetree Newsletter to receive the latest updates as well as tips and tricks!

Happy sowing!!!

 Plant types                Time to plant seed         Germination           Growth rate         Cold and frost
                                before last frost              time                                                tolerance

Broccoli                     10 weeks                       6-10                     medium              good 
Cabbage                    10 weeks                       6-10                     medium              good
Cauliflower                 10 weeks                       6-10                     medium              good
Head Lettuce             10 weeks                       3-5                       medium              good
Tomato                      7 weeks                        6-10                      medium              none
Eggplant                    7 weeks                        7-14                      medium              none
Pepper                       7 weeks                        7-14                      medium              none
Cucumber                   4 weeks                        4-6                        fast                    none
Cantaloupe                 4 weeks                        4-6                        fast                    none
Squash                       4 weeks                        4-6                        fast                    none
Watermelon                4 weeks                        4-6                        fast                    none

Pansy                       14 weeks                       6-10                       medium              good
Blk-eye susan vine     11 weeks                      10-12                      slow-med            none
Impatients                 11 weeks                      15-18                      medium              none
Petunia                     10 weeks                       6-12                       slow-med            slight
Verbena                      9 weeks                      12-20                      medium              slight
Vinca (Periwinkle)         8 weeks                      10-15                      medium              none
Sweet Alyssum            7 weeks                        4-8                        fast                    slight
Marigold                       6 weeks                        5-7                        fast                    none
Portulaca (Moss Rose)  6 weeks                       6-10                       fast                    none
Cosmos                       4 weeks                         5                          fast                    none
Zinnia                           4 weeks                       5-7                         fast                    none 
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