Candy Spring Spinach Salad


So simple, yummy and healthy too. While eating this salad packed full of nutrients, you'll think you are eating candy!  Ryan even admit to licking his plate clean!

Candy Spring Spinach Salad

1 bunch or bag of organic spinach



2 or 3 gala apples, red anjou pears or strawberries

Dried cherries or any other dried fruit you have on hand

Spiced Candied Pecans (recipe below)

Dress this salad with Pink Dream Dressing (recipe below) or any a rasperry vinegrette

Mound a handful of spinach including the yummy stems on a plate.  Garnish with fresh diced fruit, dried fruit and Spiced Candied Pecans.  Drizzle with Pink Dream Dressing and enjoy!

Spiced Candied Pecans

8 oz. pecan halves

1 tsp. or more to you your liking raw honey

Few dashes cinnamon

Few dashes ginger

Dash of salt of choice

Mix to coat and enjoy alone or on top Candy Spring Spinach Salad

Pink Dream Dressing

Juice from 1 lemon

4 Tbs. all fruit strawberry or cherry jam or a handful of fresh fruit

2 Tbs. olive oil

Dash of salt

Place all of these ingredients in a food processor with the S blade or blender and blend.

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