Ahh...a spread of gorgeous and suculant food.  What do you do??  As the holiday party invites start rolling in, so does that opposing voice in your head that says, "eat the cookie, drink the egg nog" and "don't eat the cookie, don't drink the egg nog".  I say eat the cookie and drink the egg nog!  I am going to show you how you can have your cake and eat it too!  With the Holiday Season in full swing, I am sure you'll find these tips helpful!


1. Be in the moment-  If you are so busy enjoying activities and conversation, you'll be less likely to mindlessly or emotionally eat.  Even plan games and activities, such as trimming the tree, walking the neighborhood for a holiday light tour or festive Christmas caroling to keep everyone having fun and enjoying the moment, while escaping the calories.  My Aunt and I traditionally enjoy a walk together after our family meal at holiday parties.  We like to top the day off with our favorite family game, Catchphrase.  You'll have everyone connecting and bursting with laughter!


2. Offer a dish-  Bring a dish to pass that you love and is healthy.  This way you know you will have at least one yummy yet healthful dish to enjoy.  This also works well if you are on a special needs diet such as raw or gluten free diet, or struggle with allergies.  If this is the case, be sure to also bring a sweet treat for yourself, even if its a few chocolate squares stashed in your purse, so you won't feel deprived and also aren't tempted into eating food that may potentially make you ill.


3. Eat the cookies- Or whatever it may be that makes your mouth water at the moment.  This is where you get to really listen to your body and mind.  If you really want to eat the cookie and drink the egg nog, than do it!  If you don't allow yourself to indulge in eating the food that you really want to eat at that moment, than you may possibly end up eating more in the long run, says Geneen Roth in her book Breaking Free From Emotional Eating.  If you don't indulge your true craving, chances are that craving will still be there, snack after snack as the calories add up.  So just drink the egg nog and save yourself the calories!


4. Pace yourself- Eat just enough to be satisfied.  Enjoy the light feeling you have when you aren't overstuffed.  Delight in the anti-bloat!  Reality is, we are all going to overindulge occasionally and the most popular time to do so are not suprisingly the holidays.  For those of us who are human, our Pre-party Protect for Over-indulgence may be helpful.  It encourages the body to naturally stabilize after excessive rich food or alcohol consumption, while supporting the liver and digestive system. 


5. Just Sip- Oh how easy it is to fill that wine glass up repeatedly or grab beer after beer from the fridge.  Many empty calories are consumed from alcoholic beverages.  So lets try to "just sip".  Alternating good old H2O between drinks can be a very helpful trick.  Typically, before going out to a social function, I will tell myself or my husband just how much I want to drink that evening, e.g. one glass of wine.  This trick is very helpful for me, as I am vocalizing my plans, while keeping myself accountable.  I have quickly learned that I am not as young as I used to be, my body tells me so after a night of a little too much wine.  Hang-Over Morning Mend is just what we all need for these rare occasions.    


5 1/2. Love yourself- The holiday's can be an emotional time as the pace picks up.  With all the added responsibilities and commitments comes a bundle wrapped full of emotive highs and lows.  For some of us, being stressed or depressed can heighten our desire to eat emotionally.  Take some time to de-stress during the holiday season as well as directly before attending a holiday party.  Only you know the special ritual that will make you feel loved and de-stressed.  Some of my favorite destressing practices are reading, taking a hot shower, getting plenty of exercise especially yoga, sitting in my massage chair or just laying still and meditative even if for only a few moments.  The one favor you can do for the entire world, is to love and respect your whole self!


Put these unique tips in your pocket, and remember to enjoy the holidays.  Be in the moment.  Be present in your life.

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