Green-Light Limonade


This is a juice recipe that everyone will love!  ...packed full of nutrients and flavor!


Green-Light Limonade


1 head of romaine lettuce

1 bunch of parsley

1-2 apples 

3 stalks of celery

1 organic lime or lemon or a combination of the two (unpeeled) 


Cut and wash veggies as needed.  Juice veggies alternately.  Pour into a beautiful glass.  Kick back and enjoy this amazing, healthful beverage, knowing you are feeding your cells all kinds of nutrients, beauty and oxygen!  Drink with gratitude :)  


*Please choose organic veggies as much as possible.  They are extremely more nutrient dense and grown in healthy, rich, non-toxic soil.

*Have fun with this basic recipe!  Enjoy mixing and matching different organic veggies and greens from your local natural food store, and just add apples if your concoction turns out too bitter.  You can't ruin green juice, especially when you have apples or pears in the house :)

*For a low calorie or low sugar option, drop the apples.  Simply using the lemon or lime will help cut the bitter green flavor without the calories.  I drink my juice with veggies only.   

*As a general rule of thumb its best to juice fruit and veggies separately for (best) degestion purposes, with the exception of apples and pears.  


Kids Love Green-Light Limonade


This is the breakfast of champions!  My children come running when I say, "Juice is ready!"


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