Ever feel a little, or sometimes a lot out of whack? More than likely, one or more of your chakras is out of balance.  Do you know what a chakra is?  Chakras are systems of vital force located at certain areas of the body, corresponding to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexuses of veins, nerves and arteries. Commonly we refer to seven main chakras, with different spiritual powers being related to each area.


7 Chakras


Chakras & Chakra Meditations

There are many different ways to do a chakra meditation.  You can focus on all seven in one sitting beginning with your first chackra, moving through each chakra and ending on the 7th, or you can focus on a certain area that may seem to need extra love.  The meditation with Chakras should be done all together starting with the 1st , and ending with the 7th....however...if there is one area in your life that needs a little boost, spend some time and work with just the one energy system(Chakra). I know that your life will significantly improve with this practice.

1st Chakra Meditation: The 1st chakra, the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine near the coccyx. It is RED and represents the foundation of our survival instincts, our sense of grounding, and the connection to our bodies on the physical plane. This chakra brings us health, prosperity and security.

The Root chakra resonates to the musical note "C", also if you would like to involve aromatherapy you would use Ylang Ylang and Vetiver.  You could also use Red Jasper for gemstone therapy.  Think of this first root chakra while meditating. Take this tiny orb of red light, pulse it out so that it fills the room with glorious red light. Now spin this huge ball of red light to the right for a while, and then to the left. After a while bring it back down to size, and replace it onto the base of the spine. You will instantly feel the effectiveness of this first chakra meditation.

2nd Chakra MeditationThe 2nd chakra or Spleen Chakra is located along the spine in the lower back and the reproductive organs. It is therefore linked to our sexuality and creativity.
The color/vibration of the 2nd Chakra is ORANGE.

The Spleen Chakra resonates to the musical notes "D" & "C#".  If you are wishing to incorporate aromatherapy or gemstone therapy you would use Cedarwood, Tangerine, Pettigrain and Geranium, and Goldstone and Carnelian in your meditation.  This meditation will be exactly like the 1st Chakra meditation above. As you meditate and quiet your mind, imagine this 2nd Chakra ....where it's located and the spinning vortex of orange energy. In your mind's eye, take the small orange ball of energy out of your body and begin to pulse it out....it becomes larger and larger until it fills the entire room with a lovely orange light.. Now spin it to the right for a minute or two, then spin it to the left for a minute or two, and begin the process of returning it slowly to the size of a golf ball, and replace it along the spine in the lower back. 

If you can do this a few times this week, you will have the benefit of better fluidity, and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and most importantly the ability to accept change.

3rd Chakra MeditationThe 3rd chakra is located in the solar plexus. This is known as the Power Chakra and resonates to the color YELLOW. This Chakra has to do with EGO and being centered, balanced, spontaneous, and strongly grounded in truth.

The Power Chakra links the musical notes "E" & "Eb" to healing.  Bergamot, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Lemongrass are the aromatherapy scents associated with this chakra, and Tiger's Eye, Citrine and Amber would be the most powerful gemstones to use when wanting to rev up this chakra.  This meditation begins with imagining again in your mind's eye this yellow ball of spinning light. Remove it from your solar plexus, and bring it forward as you begin to pulse this energy out, larger and larger until this ball fills the entire room. Spinning it to the right and then to the left for as long as is comfortable is what is most effective. Now bring it back to the size of a golf ball and return it into your body with the knowlege that you have just managed to re-boot your personal power.

4th Chakra MeditationThe 4th chakra is called the Heart Chakra and it is most certainly all about LOVE and the color GREEN.  How you process love, how you give and receive love, how you love yourself and finally if you are able to connect with unconditional love. Are you able to feel compassion?  This 4th Chakra is the balance, being that it's right in the middle of the other Chakras and will have a profound effect on your lessons about learning how to trust.

The Heart Chakra resonated to the musical notes "F" & "F#", excellent aromatherapy choices for this chakra would be Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosewood.  Also, Aventurine and Turquoise would be healing gemstones to use to enhance the balance of your heart chakra.  This meditation begins the very same way as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd meditations.  Pull it out with your mind's eye, pulse out this beautiful color green until it fills the room.  Begin the spinning to the right and left before you bring it back in to place.  You'll know if you need to spend extra time in this area.

5th Chakra Meditation: The 5th chakra is known as the Throat Chakra. The job of this chakra is communication, the ability to speak, write, and express the self. The 5th chakra resonates to the color BLUE.  

The Throat Chakra resonates to the musical notes "G" &"G#", also note that Geranium, Lemon, Pepper and Sweet Birch are the best choices when using aromatherapy to aid the throat chakra.  Gemstone therapy assocaited with this chakra are Blue lace Agate and Sodalite. The meditation is exactly like the others.  For the very best effect try meditating on all of the chakras regularly, starting with the 1st Chakra and ending with the 7th.

6th Chakra Meditation: This chakra is known as the Third Eye or Brow Chakra located in the brow area of the forehead. This Chakra has to do with "seeing" both physically and intuitively. The awareness of your own psychic abilities will be so much better understood and developed with the stimulation of this vortex of energy. This Chakra resonates to the color PURPLE or INDIGO.

The Brow Chakra is associated to the musical notes "A" & "Bb", and Lavender, Magnolia and Ylang Ylang would be excellent scents to add to enhance the health of the third eye chakra.  If you are looking to use gemstone therapy, Lapus lazuli, Moonstone and Silver would be the best match!
Please don't rush this chakra meditation, take your time to pull out this pulsing, spinning vortex of energy and really take your time with the process of pulsing it out, spinning it to the right, then to the left and then bringing it back to size before replacing it.

7th Chakra Meditation: This Chakra called the Crown Chakra is located at the very top of the head (where the baby's soft spot is) and is associated with the color VIOLET or PURE WHITE.  It serves as our connection to spirit and all of the energy of the universe. This is the highest frequency chakra and is our connection to the world beyond, that universal place of "knowing".  With this connection, comes our ability to connect with spirit and leave worldly cares for a short period of time while we are connected with our physical bodies.

The Crown Chakra resonates with the note "B".  Try using aromatherapy choices of Frankincense and Gardenia, and Amethyst as your gemstone of choice would be helpful in rounding out your chakra meditation. As you did with the other Chakra meditations, you must bring out this vortex of energy in the same way, by cleansing it with the spinning action and restoring it to it's proper place when you are finished with your meditation.

For the very best effect try meditating on all of the chakras regularly, starting with the 1st Chakra and ending with the 7th.  

Now relish in this delightful place you have allowed yourself to return to.  Imagine if every person on the planet exerienced some type of purposeful meditation every single day.  Wowee  


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