I never thought I would be thanking Trader Joe's for not stocking almond butter of any kind over the past few months.  Before today, I have been pretty bummed about not being able to get my raw almond butter fix, which they usually offer for a fraction of the cost ($5.99) compared to other stores.  Snacking on peanut butter, or even roasted almond butter just doesn't cut it for me.  Today I am praising my daughter Rowan for inspiring me to make my own.  Now that I have experienced this creamy, smooth homemade mixture of almonds right from my own kitchen, I am happy to say, you won't find me reaching for almond butter from any shelf in any store again.  Yay!!!  

 Now I would LOVE, love, LOVE to share with you how to make it yourself so you can enjoy this dreamy, creamy, joyful almond butter too. 

 Creamy Homemade Almond Butter

 All you need is the almonds of your choice, a dash of salt if you choose, a food processor and a jar to store your fresh made nut butter.  

I used three cups of raw almonds, however roasted almonds are an option as well.  Place the almonds in the food processor with a dash of salt (if you wish) and begin to process.  The key is time, making raw almond butter takes time.  Initially, the almonds will look powdery, more like flour.  Then, the mixture will begin to stick together, and eventually after 10 minutes or so the mixture should begin to look a little like almond butter.  Keep blending, because this is when the almonds really begin to release oil.  I processed the mixture for about 15 to 18 minutes.  Blend until you reach desired texture.  Be careful because the almond butter reaches pretty high temperatures.  I took the temperature of my almond butter, and when I was finished it was around 165 degrees.  So you can see that if you are starting out with raw almonds, they are no longer raw after this process.  Using organic almonds is highly recommended.     

 Get a little creative with your almond butter by adding some honey, carob, cocoa nibs, coconut etc.  Be aware that fridge life may be shorter if adding these other goodies into your nut butter.  

Thanks for letting me share this homemade almond butter love story!  Enjoy! 

Comments from my gems -

"Mom this almond butter Rocks!"

"This almond butter makes me like almond butter."

"Can you make this almond butter the next time, and the next time and still be making this almond butter my whole life?"

The answer is yes, I will never go back to store bought almond butter again.   


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